UTAC tussen Kaapverdië en Rotterdam

Central in this documentary is the Cape Verdean pensioned captain Mendes da Silva. His life knows many stunning adventures with a remarkable twist: his debut as writer with the roman ‘De humeuren van meneer Utac’ (The moods of mister Utac).

The main character of this documentary, Guilherm Mendes da Silva Goncalces (born 1935), is a beautiful, static man, always dressed in a white shirt with light trousers with a fold. He wears golden glasses which stand crooked on his nose, hiding two bright blue eyes. Mendes is a gesticulating man, a restless person who wonders around Rotterdam or Praia for days, seemingly on his way to nothing. In the film we follow Mendes da Silva from Rotterdam to the Cape Verde Islands for the publication of his book, which – as he claims – has nothing to do with his own life.

Director: Ronald Bos
Camera: Stef Tijdink
Sound: Menno Euwe
Edited by: Danniel Danniel
Voice-over: Johan Leysen