Trefossa. Mi a no mi, I am not I

A documentary in which the story of the battle for a separate Surinamese language, known as Sranantongo, is told through the life story of Surinamese poet Trefossa, pseudonym for Henny de Ziel.

The poetry by Henri (nickname Henny) de Ziel, also known as Trefossa, caused nothing less than an earthquake in Surinam. His words are pronounced daily as thousands of children sing the national anthem at school in the morning. Even in the Netherlands words such as bakra, switi, brasa, mi boy, duku, wahi, pata, smatje, fawaka, dyuka can be heard. It is doubtful that these words would resonate as often as they do if it wasn’t for the influence of Trefossa in Sranantongo.

In collaboration with TV West.

Directors: Ida Does and Paul van den Bos 
Research: Ida Does, Paul van den Bos, Biemla Gajadien 
Camera: Paul van den Bos 
Sound: Menno Euwe 
Producer: René Mendel