Ton van Duinhoven, a trail as smoke

Ton van Duinen was originally a journalist. It was this journalism that brought him in contact with theatre. From journalist-cabaret he moved on as actor and writer for television, film and theatre.

His real fame came from Hadimassa and with his interpretation of the moody Feyenoord-supporter Van Coorswijk. Ton van Duinhoven is one of the most versatile actors the Netherlands has to offer. In a brilliant way he could change masks and switch character within in the grand arsenal of parts and types he played. But who the actual, real Ton van Duinhoven was, remained a mystery. Through conversations with friends and colleagues, Van Duinhoven looks back at his life and his career, and provides the audience with a glimpse of the person behind the actor. Special thanks to Ina van Faassen, Hans Croiset, Nico Knapper, Bob Rooyens, Kees Verkade and Izaura van Denderen.

Director: Barbara Makkinga
Camera: Maarten van Rossem
Sound: Otto Horsch
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt