The Wall

In collaboration with BNNVARA and Floris-Jan van Luyn, Interakt has produced a documentary for the series The Wall.

Twenty-five years ago the wall fell – The Wall, the Berlin one. The Wall was the symbol for segregation between ideological boundaries of, historically seen, one nation. Once The Wall fell, people thought it was the beginning of a new era, one without walls and with freedom and opportunity for everyone. Twenty-five years later we know that the opposite was reality seeing the enormous amount of walls build around the world. These walls are the central topic in the six-part documentary series: the anti-immigration wall between the United States and Mexico, the wall at the Westbank, the ‘peace walls’ in Belfast, the anti-Roma walls in Slovakia, the sand-wall in the Western Sahara and the wall between North and South Korea. Together with Floris-Jan van Luyn, Interakt has produced a film about this last wall.