The theory of the rabbit

A documentary about the battle of Akwasi Frimpong, who made a name for himself at the 2003 Netherlands Junior Championship Sprinting.

Filmmakers Rinske Bosch and Nicole Batteké followed the battle of Akwasi Frimpong to reach the highest sports stage for five years and so produced a film about a young talented athlete who, despite of all setbacks, kept believing in himself. Akwasi made the news several times over the past years. Not only because of his sport-achievements, but also because he did not have a residential permit for over 13 years. He grew to be a role model for other youngsters.

Directed by: Rinske Bosch en Nicole Batteké
Camera: Nicole Batteké
Additional camera and sound: Jan Willem Winter, Stefano Bertacchini, Annelies Kruk, Ed Meijaard, Jo Urling, Carlos Crahay Bloklander
Sound editing: Harold Jalving
Editor: Arda Nederveen, Rinske Bosch 
Producer: René Mendel