The Song of Mr. Halewyn

Artist and director Daphne Rosenthal has made an animation of the classic story The Song of Mr. Halewyn. Rosenthal tells with a cluster of threads, wool and ribbons a very special and outspoken coming-of-age story.

At first sight you would think that this is a rather odd phenomenon to illustrate a ballade about a princess who wants to go to her singing Lord Haleweyn in the forest. On paper this sounds abstract and somewhat surreal, but as soon as you see the images in front of you, it doesn’t just tell a beautiful story of a princess who left her family to look for the terrifying but tempting creature, but also shows an entirely new form of animation. It is not just exciting and intriguing to see the angry Haleweyn taking over the princess, but also amazing to see how a ball of threads can express emotions and create empathy with the audience for the creature. The development of the little creature with coloured lines from a curious princess to a grown woman, has a deep impact and will leave the viewer with both recognition as well as amazement. In short, it is not simply the experimental, new form and style of the animation that form the base of this film, but also the background of the journey of a young girl to a grown woman, who has to conquer her quests in a variety of ways.