The Sharp sight of Aat Veldhoen

In cooperation with Kees Hin, Interakt has produced a film about the work and life of artist Aat Veldhoen.

In front of the window of his mansion at the Wittenburgergracht there is a spyglass, aimed at the bus-stop at the other side of the road. Beside the spyglass is Aatje Veldhoen, drawing. He is drawing the ever-waiting people. Since a couple of years, Veldhoen draws with his left hand, for his right hand has been unserviceable ever since his stroke in 2004. He doesn’t speak as much as he used to, but he can see even better. The film is a parade, a dance along all the woman, men, children and situations that Aatje has seen, experienced, but above all, has felt. An emotional, touching and intriguing journey through life. It is a circus of touching, silly people. One big happy dance, but from time to time also a fight for a better life.