The rhythm of Elly de Waard

In cooperation with Deborah Camper, Jeroen Wold and the NTR, Interakt has produced a film about Elly de Waard, poet, reviewer and pop-critic.

The documentary shows that behind the extravagant appearance of Elly de Waard, there is a woman who has turned her greatest dreams into a reality. As a young girl it was her "most secret wish" to become a poet. She explains how her marriage with the much older poet Chris van Geel, who passed away in 1974, was her first introduction to the profession and her motivation to start writing poetry herself. Now Elly lives, together with her wife Marijke Weijters and dog Peerke, on the estate Vogelwater, where she once lived with Chris van Geel. The documentary is about a personal portrait of a compromise-less, driven personality who is willing to face the consequences of her bold opinions and life-style.