The Netherlands in 12 murders

A twelve-part television-series by Jan Blokker, Jan Blokker junior and Bas Blokker, in which the history of Holland is explained through twelve murders.

The show paints a surprising picture of the Dutch History and nature of the people through murders committed by the Dutch over centuries. The murders mainly came out of neighbour disputes, hysteria, intolerance or ‘stranger-hate’. Together they formed the collection of un-Dutch murders, which show that nothing human-like was, and is, uncommon for Dutch people. Till the day of today, when a crime is committed people speak of an “un-Dutch crime”. This presupposes that Dutch are loving and peaceful people, down-to-earth and not easily tempted to hysteria or revenge, and that they are always tolerant towards other religions and strangers. That confidence is based on a national self-image that has been going for years, nut is not supported by historic facts. The show focuses on Johan and Cornelis de Witt, Graaf Willem II, Hendrikus Colijn and Theo van Gogh amongst others.