The last kompels of mine-village the Hopel

In ‘the last kompels’, old mineworkers called “kompels” tell us about the work in the mines and life in the mine-village the Hopel. They connect the present and the past, now that this is still possible.

Most of them died young due to black lung. That is the ‘black side’ of the mine, which is still noticeable in Limburg on this present-day. The film depicts an important piece of low-represented Dutch history in a realistic fashion. Personal stories, but also communal histories will come to order. Nothing can be seen or found of the mines in Kerkrade, but the film ‘The last Kompels of mine-village the Hopel’, treasures the memory of the mine. The great amount of unique archive-footage will also show the viewer what it was like back then.

Director: Paul Enkelaar
Camera: Cees Samson
Sound: Menno Euwe
Production: Ottoline Rijks, Bernet Crucq, Tinda Smoorenburg
Producer: René Mendel