The confrontation

A film by Ditteke Mensink

Documentary that follows the young artists Lennart Lahuis, Timmy van Zoelen, Daniel de Roo and Andreas Arndt for two years. They are at De Ateliers (The Workspaces), an Amsterdam postdoc art school. The film is the coming of age, the genesis, of five young artists who have just been accepted to The Workspaces and who will be judged every Tuesday by a group of established artist. During the two years Ditteke Mensink follows them, the four artists have some difficult decisions to make. During this period of time they are confronted with a tight regime of working and being judged, when in the meantime they also end up in a, for them, new city. This will unavoidably lead to experiences and happenings which will remain of importance for the rest of their lives. The uncertainty of, and curiosity for new developments in the lives of these young artists, is a stimulating and motivating factor in the film. The viewer is drawn into life-changing questions regarding their work and their lives: will the supervisors and other contestants – who seem to manage - fold under the pressure and give up as an artist? Or will they re-discover themselves, causing the ambitious projects to have happy endings? This genesis – including all considerations, ups and downs – is carefully recorded, the way film maker Ditteke Mensink has done before in three episodes of ‘Dutch Masters’.