The art of painting: The Schilderkunst

The art of painting: De Schilderkunst tells the story about the eponymous painting by Johannes Vermeer, praised by specialists as ‘One of his most important works’ and ‘the perfect Vermeer’.

But this perfect Vermeer had become so fragile that it could not be present at the grand review-show at the Mauritshuis in 1996. After the restoration “De Schilderkunst” went on a little trip. When it was about to return to its set home in the Art-historical Museum of Vienna, Willem Dijkhuis invited four special men and a filmmaker to collectively review this sublime painting.

Director: Kees Hin
Camera: Paul van den Bos
Sound: Erik Langhout
Edited by: Diego Gutierrez en Kees Hin
Special effects: Elmer Leupen
Production: Judith Paauw
Producer: René Mendel