That Bert, what kind of guy is that?

Since 1975 Bert has been making portraits for Free Netherlands (Vrij Nederland) of many well-known Dutch people and international celebrities.

Already since the legendary Attachment of Free Netherlands (Bijlagen van Vrij Nederland) one can see his versatility and his social involvement in countless reports. The engaged photographer depicted many social changes in the Netherlands with ground-breaking reports regarding unemployment, immigration and life in the folk-neighbourhoods. His unforced and open style, his original and effective productions and his eye for detail make Bert Nienhuis a particular unique photographer. On his way to the review-show.

Photo: Bert Nienhuis in the Jewish Historical Museum, Maarten Schmidt and Thomas Doebele followed the photographer at work. The short film ‘That Bert, what kind of guy is that?’ Shows Nienhuis working on a portrait of i.a. Peter van Straaten.