St Matthew Passion

St Matthew Passion by Reinbert de Leeuw

This special edition combines Cherry Duyns successful documentary The St Matthew Mission of Reinbert de Leeuw with a recording of the concert that it builds up to and three CD's. A touching portrayal, the film about the preparation for and performance of Bach’s St Matthew Passion shows the remarkable approach of consummate avant-gardist Reinbert de Leeuw. Reinbert de Leeuw is been followed as he starts the very first rehearsals with the Holland Baroque ensemble, the Dutch Chamber Choir and the soloists: Joanne Lunn (soprano), Delphine Galou (alto), Christopher Watson (tenor), Tomáš Král (bass), Andreas Wolf (Christ) and Benedikt Kristjánsson (evangelist) right up to the grand performance in the Amsterdam Nieuwe Kerk. A film about the mystery and enchantment of music, about the passion of musicians, and about the boundless enthusiasm with which Reinbert de Leeuw immerses himself in Bach’s monumental St Matthew Passion.