Speaking Images, documentary

Commissioned by the National Memorial Committee (Nationaal Comité 4 en 5 Mei), a series of 41 short films under the name Speaking Images, have been produced in the period 2006 till 2011. Together with Casper Verburgge we have now produced a sequel, in a documentary format.

The film tells us about the happenings during the Second World War that have led to building a monument. The stories behind these monuments are told by witnesses and have been illustrated through historic film- and photo-material. The film depicts an intriguing and emotional image of a variety of dramatic events during the German oppression in the Netherlands and the Japanese oppression in the Dutch East Indies (Indonesia). In the documentary, children of witnesses explain the influence of the events on their parents and on their own upbringing. Essentially we are depicting a period which was unique in the Dutch history: from total oppression to rather sudden freedom.

On the 4th of May the documentary was broadcasted by the NOS on NL1 for the program ‘NOS Nationale Herdenking 2013’ from 18.45 till 20.24 o’clock.