Sien van Sellingen

Besides the fact this series in now available on DVD, ‘Sien van Sellingen’ has also won the ‘Beeld en Geluid’ award for the category youth.

The jury has chosen between the three nominees and found the episodes carefully composed short stories. The series has, according to the judges; universal themes that comply well with the way children perceive the world. Filled with subtle humour, fine imagery and good acting – also by the children and the animals. Sien van Sellingen is a five-part children-series consisting of two seasons directed by Pieter Verhoeff in co=production with the KRO. Sien is a tuff and down-to-earth girl who lives on a traditional farm on the country side: In a big family, with lots of animals and lots of free space. Verhoeff had already made ‘Brief voor de koning’ (Letter for the King) and ‘Nynke’ before. Verhoeff: “The five short stories have great potential and can in my opinion be compared to those of Annie M.G. Schmidt, because they speak both to children and parents. The directing of a series for toddlers to me was something new. But I enjoy to try something new, something different.”