Shared love

A film by Ingeborg Beugel

Shared love will be a candid and touching portrait of the everyday life of three poly-amorous couples. Each of them is in a different phase of life. The focus of the film will be on the couple that recently decided to go poly-amorous.

It's the modus vivendi of the couples that is brought into the picture as much as possible: the organization of their double or even triple lives, visits to poly-amorous pubs, parties and workshops, family reactions and their surroundings. There is a funeral, where for "additional partners" a special visiting hour will be organized, a parents' evening at school, where a trio explains how they live, because there are questions from other parents, and there is even a visit to a vicar, because one of the poly-amorous wants to talk about how to reconcile her faith with her polyamory - she herself sees no problem,  the vicor does.

By taking an honest and candid insight into various poly-amorous kitchens, Ingeborg Beugel will look for answers to questions such as what does polyamory actually involve? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a poly-amorous relationship form? Who can do it and who does not? What about (sexual) jealousy? Is it all about sex in the first place, or not? How do children react to it? Is polyamory the Grand Final of the women's liberation? And what does that do to men?