Sabar - Senegals Heartbeat

A documentary by Arda Nederveen about the popular percussion- and dance-scene in Senegal, with very complex, whipping rhythms and explosive dance.

The percussionist Maguette Gueye – 31 years old – can’t do anything other than play on his Sabar (A Senegalese drum), like an artist can’t do without his brushes. It is his passion. He is no ‘ordinary’ Senegalese, but a Wolof Griot, who is destined to become a Sabar-player. He is one of the many drummers who lives in poverty and has to survive in a world with ever-growing numbers of artists. Will his two sons follow his path? Through the daily life of Maguette, the maker provides an intimate look into the way this art is passed on from one generation to the other. Even though Maguette is in a constant phase of insecurity, chronically has a short of money and has to work very hard, he doesn’t choose for a different profession. As he says: “I am griot and I can’t change who I am: ‘tuggkat’ (Sabar-percussionist).”