Robert Zandvliet

Together with Frank Scheffer, Interakt is producing a documentary about Robert Zandvliet.

After the 15 minute long episode of Dutch Masters about Zandvliet, a beautiful collaboration between Scheffer and Zandvliet grew. We have therefore decided to make a long film production, in cooperation with the AVRO, about Zandvliet.

We live in a period where art movements are no longer dominant. Artists have to create a context and a language for themselves as individuals. One of the Netherlands’s greatest painters, Rober Zandvliet (1970), takes the questions that come with this current issue, particularly serious. He does this by wondering where he stands as an artist looking at the history of art. Zandvliet is constantly looking for context in which he can express himself to the fullest. Because, so he says, how can you change something, when you don’t know what beautiful art has been made 30.000 years before you?