Public access to the media - book

Nick Jankowski, René Mendel.

For the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Interakt has researched and commenced projects around the theme of Artificial Intelligence. From this project the publication ‘Interactive communication and participation systems’ and the research project ‘Social experiments with new technologies’ was formed by H.J. van Houten and R. Mendel.

For the Rathenau institute, research into the usage and the accessibility of media was conducted, resulting in the books ‘Public Access and telematics’ and ‘Public Access to the media’ by N. Jankowski and R. Mendel.

For the municipality of Amsterdam and PIGA, an experiment and research was set up and published under the name ‘Information technologies for civilians and rulers’. ‘Telematics, possibilities and restrictions’ is a different publication, though produced by the same people.