Portrait of a building

A series by Michiel van Nieuwkerk

Portrait of a building will be a film series about the most important buildings in our country, following the series of Dutch masters.

There is a big interest in architecture in The Netherlands. The turnout at the annual architecture days is impressive. Or take the response to a new building like the Market Hall in Rotterdam; everyone has an opinion about it, the opening hits the headlines in the national newspapers and is discussed in the evening news on television.

The importance and influence of architecture on our daily lives is great. Architecture is everywhere and determines to a large extent the quality of our environment. The Netherlands have been a leader in the field of architecture for a long time. The developments in Dutch architecture are watched with great interest from abroad for years now.

27 Organizations that deal with architecture in the Netherlands were asked to think about this new series. The responses were positive: many organizations have stated the intention to support the plan wholeheartedly and came up with examples of buildings from their region that they absolutely want to be portrayed. Better and more support for Portrait of a building we could not wish for. It underlines the relevance and importance of our plan to create a monument to the Dutch architecture. A subject that everyone can relate to and where our country excels.