Point Taken What's Unfolding

What’s Unfolding is a dance-film for the project Point Taken. For this film Interakt cooperated with Leendert Pot and choreographer and dance Hillary Blake Firestone.

‘Assembly required’ is a dance of objects, landscapes and associations. In the film, tents and bodies of the dancers move in a kaleidoscopic choreographic fashion, balancing on the scale if abstract to intimacy. The graphically strong images, with their both physically as figuratively layers, call for associations with history, social and political events, natural phenomena and our common humanity. The unique texture and the diverse geometry if the ‘Hondsbossche Zeewering’ emphasises this ever-changing carnival of shapes. Saturday 2nd of March 2014 at 19.30, the dance-film will premiere at Cinedans in Eye, Amsterdam. On the 9th of March the film will be viewed once more. On Sunday 7th of April at 13.40 the film will be broadcasted with the NTR on NL2.