Point Taken: I am the only one

In cooperation with Toer van Schaijk and Barbara Makkinga, Interakt has produced a dance-film for the program Point Taken.

A boy grows up and tries to find a way through life with all its endless possibilities and impossibilities. This boy represents an ideal for which people strive. His hope is established on people. However different they may be, he tries to find a connection. Soon the ratios change, the roles are reversed, the people don’t offer support, but instead try to hold on to him, he is the young and powerful ideal. One by one the people go under. Their lives silt. The boy takes the lead and tries to safe them. Like a human chain they fight their doom, it was in vain. In the end the boy disappears in the sand. Until suddenly the seawater comes in, washing away all the sand. He rediscovers his life. Playing and floating freely in the water.

Premiere on the dance-film-festival Cinedans: Saturday 15th of March 2014. Link: cinedans.nl

Extra broadcast: NTR Podium: Point Taken IV, 30th of March 2014, 14.30 on NL. 2