Phase it

Together with Ingeborg Beugel, Interakt has produced a documentary about menopause.

Like with many woman, program-maker Ingeborg Beugel (53) was taken by surprise. She was confused, irritated, depressed, uncontrollable and had an extremely low libido. She couldn’t recognize herself anymore and thought she was going mad. Beugel went to live by herself and started seeing a man other than her partner. It was far too late when Beugel realised that these life-changing decisions were influenced by the one thing she would have never expected to happen to her: menopause. To her own surprise, Beugel wasn’t the least bit prepared and she realised how little she knew about the subject.

Premiered at ‘De Balie’ Amsterdam: 2nd of March 2014 at 15.00 o’clock.