Painting is my oxygen

Corneille - Martineau - Sierhuis. In this documentary, three painters who know and appreciate each other, but vary in their style and their interests, are central: Corneille, Anton Martineau and Jan Sierhuis.

Central in this documentary are the 80-year old Anton Martineau, the best friend and companion of the, in his own-words, ‘much more talented’ Lucebert, the 80-year old Jan Sierhuis with his consequent repertoire, and the 85-year old CoBrA-painter Corneille. Remco Campert typifies the painters with text-fragments from ‘Het Satijnen Hart’ (The Satin Heart).

Camera: Paul van den Bos, Stef Tijdink
Sound: Menno Euwe, Otto Horsch
Edited by: Elmer Leupen
Music by: Remco Jak, Amstel Quartet
Dance: Inés Contreras
Guitar: Eric Vaarzon Morel
Scenario: Lies Janssen / Barbara Makkinga
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt
Director: Barbara Makkinga