Orange Ambon

In collaboration with Dammas Films (Peter Hoogendijk), Interakt has produced a film about Dutch Moluccan Jim Pentury who tries to start a football-club on the island Ambon.

This way he hopes to reunite the Christians and Muslims who were involved in a bloody civil war between 1999 and 2002. He travels to the Moluccas, together with Tjitske Lingsma, writer of the awarded book ‘Het verdriet van Ambon’ (The sorrow of Ambon). Jim wants to focus and work on a peaceful future, together with Moluccans football-heroes such as Simon Tahamata and Giovanni van Bronckhorst. Tjitske looks at the past. He mainly spots a discord and battle, rooted in the Dutch-colonial imperialism that lasted for a solid 300 years. Anno 2011 the Moluccas have been labelled as ‘the forgotten islands’. The sorrow of Ambon is greater than ever.