Moroccan mothers

A series by Marjolein Busstra and Rebekka van Hartskamp

Moroccan boys on scooters who hang around the streets, harassing girls and behave maladjusted. An image that appears regularly in the media. They are the masters of their mothers, their sisters are not allowed to do anything without their permission and many are guilty of crime. Is it really that bad or are we being fooled by reports in the (social) media?

With that question as the starting point directors Marjolein Busstra and Rebekkavan Hartskamp went looking for ten Moroccan mothers who were willing to be followed in this series. From bohemian to strict Islamic, all these women will be followed by the critical gaze of the two Dutch makers, and they will all in a different way give an insight into the Moroccan community and its values.

The surprise, recognition, contrast, likeness and interest of the makers saturate the coming episodes. Their main objective is to get an answer to the question: are all these preconceptions right? Or are we actually not so different as everyone always thought?