A trans-media project by Marleen van der Werf and Jeroen de Vries

A new spring and a new sound - Herman Gorter, in May (1889). This is one of the best known and most quoted lines of poetry from the Dutch literary history. But the rest of 4380 rules, which counts the poem May by Herman Gorter, almost no one has read. It is too long or too difficult and provides little guidance.

With their transmedia project May Marleen van der Werf and Jeroen de Vries want to make the poem accessible and anchoring in the different platforms of todays (multi) media. This approach allows users to look at the work - and to the everyday nature and our role in it - from new angles. In that way the Dutch spring will firmly anchor in our multimedia culture.

The poem deserves this place not only because it is a beautiful portrait of everydays nature in the Netherlands. Gorter's epic observations of the Dutch spring also indicate a timeless perspective on the quest for meaning and with his text from 1889 he knows to how to interpret today's turmoil. By using nature as a metaphor, existential concerns and questions, that we nowadays are struggling with, are placed outside of ourselves and our own time and that way they become more transparent. The intention is to place this audiovisual, mobile installation at events, schools, museums and exhibitions.