Magnificent Collections

This films portrays the art-collector Andries van Wezel (illustration), Willem Wolff Beffie and Salomon Slijper in the period of 1885-1945.

All three originate from the emancipating Amsterdam’s Jewish bourgeoisie from the second half of the 19th century. With a fine nose and a foreseeing eye, they fill their collections with work by - at that point - unknown artists, whom they often support and know personally. They have fine works by both national as well as international names, such as Chagall, Sluijters, Jawlensky, Marc, Isaac Israëls and Mondrian. The collection have mainly ended up in Dutch museums, where they form a significant part of the national modern art collection.

Camera en directed by: Marjoleine Boonstra
Editor and production: Lies Janssen
Sound: Piotr van Dijk
Edited by: Noël van Rens

Producer: Interakt/ René Mendel