Like it here? will be ‘Uur van de Wolf’ (NTR)

The film ‘Like it here?’ by Carine Bijlsma about Alain Platel and Elsie de Brauw, will be broadcasted this summer with the NTR ‘Uur van de Wolf.’

The film ‘Like it here?’ follows the process in the making of a show. For the making of their new show, two great names in their respectable areas (one in dance, the other in theatre), along with 5 dancers, will look for the boundaries of each other’s disciplines. During the development of the show we follow Platel and Elsie during their exploration. Platel sets himself to be a camp-leader and starts his adventure with a question: “Who are you, when you let your sub-consciousness speak?” Every day they deal with a question: “What will we experience together?” During the rehearsals Platel comes up with several exercises that Brauw has to execute either by herself or sometimes together with the group of dancers.