Like it here? – Elsie de Brauw in the world of Alain Platel

In collaboration with Carine Bijlsma, we are currently working on a film about Alain Platel and Elsie de Brauw.

The film ‘Like it here?’ follows the process in the making of a show. For the making of their new show, two great names in their respectable areas (one in dance, the other in theatre), along with 5 dancers, will look for the boundaries of each other’s disciplines. During the development of the show we follow Platel and Elsie during their exploration. Platel sets himself to be a camp-leader and starts his adventure with a question: “Who are you, when you let your sub-consciousness speak?” Every day they deal with a question: “What will we experience together?” During the rehearsals Platel comes up with several exercises that Brauw has to execute either by herself or sometimes together with the group of dancers.