Le Maryaj Lenglensou

Le Maryaj Lenglensou is a documentary about the creation of a Haitian folk-opera and a portrait of the people who contributed to this.

The film shows how much talent is hidden in the land of never-ending adversity. The opera ‘Le Maryaj Lenglensou’ sets in the decor of the nation’s history. Lenglensou, the god of blood, has manifested himself in the long and bloody Haitian history. From the early days of genocide of the indigenous people, till today, Haiti is a country where the blood never ceases to be shed. Corruption, poverty, deceases, exploitation: it’s all on such a major scale that it is hard to conceive. Yet this country has so much unused talent, so many virtuous musicians, so many fantastic painters, that shadowing the ‘battle’ to get the opera going, has delivered a fantastic film. Le Maryaj Lenglensou is available in the on demand-archive of Holland Doc. In collaboration with the VPRO. Directed by Hans Fels, produced by René Mendel/Interakt.