Last Date

A film by Hans Hylkema

Last date (1991) is a music-documentary about composer, alt-saxophone, bas-clarinet and flute-player Eric Dolphy. He passed away in Berlin on June 29th 1964, but his music is still very much alive. The film combines a biographic portrait of the musician with a reconstruction of Dolphy’s last tour. During this tour, a couple of weeks before his passing, Dolphy performed in the Netherlands with the Trio Mischa Mangelberg, Jacques Schots and Han Bennink. They concluded the tour with a recording-session published after his passing under the name Last Date. Which by his fans was seen as his greatest album. The films focuses on this recording in Hilversum and consists of six chapters, referring to the six songs on Last Date. The prologue and epilogue refer every association to aspects of the musician and of the person Dolphy, who was far from your average jazz-musician. He was an affable man, who didn’t smoke or drink, didn’t use drugs, but didn’t know he suffered from diabetes. A few weeks after his performance in the Netherlands, he passed away in Belin due to the consequences of diabetes.

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