Land of Promise

Through this documentary and the two-part IKON series ‘Land of Promise’ Interakt, René Roelofs and Paul Scheffer show how immigration in the fifties have irreversibly influenced societies within Europe.

Through archive-footage originating from the news, documentaries, reports and fiction films, an idea is given about the irreversible influences immigration in the fifties has had on modern society within Europe. The bas for Land of Promise is a shared feeling of loos, where sympathy goes out to both the migrant as well as the society taking them in. Migration calls, by definition, for problems, but makers René Roelofs and Paul Scheffer look beyond the guild the ‘guild-issue’ and let the imagery speak for itself: the unique archive-footage from France, England, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium show that the conflicts of current times can be seen as a sign of integration. The well thought-through complication of meaningful images, show how new-comers and established inhabitants have dealt with migration over the years.

Television broadcast: 8/15/22 January at 21.10 pm for IKON/NTR on NL2.