Kees Fens - Cultura broadcasted June 22

Documentary about literary critic and essayist Kees Fens (1929-2008).

Kees Fens was a widely respected and admired literary critic and essayist. Decades long, Fens’s literature-reviews in ‘De Volkskrant’ were prominent for literature-fans. In 1977 his last review was published, but he didn’t stop writing in his unique, witty and lovely style about music, religion, architecture and art until he passed away on the 14th of June. Fens was emeritus professor in modern literature and received the P.C. Hooftprijs for his entire collection of work in 1990. Music, literature, religion and architecture are common themes in the work and life of Kees Fens. De film by Hans Keller witnesses this.

Broadcasted Cultura: ‘Uur van de wolf – Kees Fens’ on June 22.

Director: Hans Keller
Camera: Erik van Empel
Sound: Bert van den Dungen
Edited by: Martin de Vries
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt