Jennifer Tee, the ships arrives

A short film by Lisa Boerstra

Internationally celebrated artist Jennifer Tee is about to take a new path. In the film Jennifer Tee, the ship arrives, we see through the development of, and a new step in her work, how her imagery is formed. With her autonomous work Jennifer Tee participates in exhibitions around the world and has won several awards. The next time she devotes herself to her first major commissioned work: a meters long piece of art in the entrance hall of the North-South line of the Metro in Amsterdam Central Station. The design consists of two large tapestries in which the iamge of a ship is central. With this commission so many outside interests are intertwined that Jennifer, for the first time ever, will have to fight for her autonomy or partially give up on that to fulfill the commission.

With her film Lisa Boerstra examines the dilemma of the artist between preserving autonomy and the extent of these concessions in a job situation.

This large and important work in the Central Station will not come about without obstacles. Which resources does the artist have to overcome these obstacles? How will she undergo the working under pressure of different (not necessarily artistic) interests? What are the consequences of this for her autonomous work? Will her artistry be at stake?