Janssen & Janssen

Together with Lex Reitsma we work on a documentary about art fanatic Pierre Janssen.

They who remember Pierre Janssen know him from the popular and opinionated tv show Kunstgrepen, which was broadcasted between 1958 and 1975. But Pierre Janssen was also a journalist, writer, museumdirector, teacher, travel guide and popular lecturer. In all these professions he had one clear mission which he carried out: to teach the public how to look at art and how they can enrich their lives with it, to broaden their vision, to be able to think more freely, and to be more tolerant towards people and subjects that are not directly understood by everyone. To gain insight for what is incomprehensible.

The way he did this was unique and way ahead of his time. And now it's time to put Pierre Janssen in the spotlights in this documentary that will be shown in several museums and art schools.