I saw room

Herman Hertzberger: I saw room is a filmic portrait of a socially involved person. The versatility and restlessness of Hertzberger is the source for his designs and works.

Not a home, a school or a factory is built for the architecture himself, but for the life that will occupy the building. Herman Hertzberger (1932) is without a doubt one of the most important architects in the Netherlands. He is still going both in life and work. This film is a quest to search for the essence behind the architecture of Hertzberger. What is the hidden factor behind his style? How does he express his ideas in his architecture? How have the buildings changed over the years and how will they change in the future?

Director: Kees Hin
Camera: Martijn van Beenen
Sound: Erik Langhout 
Edited by: Elmer Leupen
Executive producer: Lies Janssen
Producer: René Mendel / Interakt