I do consider you as a friend

A documentary by Roeland Dijksterhuis

This film will not result in another film that meets the standard of singer/artist Herman Brood (1946-2001) and his music, but creates a more nuanced picture about Brood by portraying the people who were close to him. Firstly Piet Wichers, who, from an oppressive and lonely home situation saw Herman Brood as his role model. He followed him everywhere with his video camera and began, like Herman, to rebel against everything and everyone. The two became friends. The images created by Piet constitute an important element in this film. Also the loneliness of Herman and drive to go on stage come forward, and what it took others to get him to stand on that stage. In addition, the film is also about his son Marcel Brood, who we see growing up in the video's of Piet, lacking the attention he needs from his father. The film lays bare the lone parallel that exists between Marcel and Piet: both craving the attention of Herman and growing up without a parent. Herman has said in interviews that Piet is the one who will create the definitive story of Herman Brood.