NRD is a quality drama-series for youngsters about a neighbourhood-boss named Hugo S, who own a few legal businesses (café and coffee-shop) and has a few running affairs for which he hires five young employers.

The whole NRD project, written and directed by Brigit Hillenius, is executed by film professionals along with unemployed low-educated youngsters. The youngsters learn about all aspects in film making through the film-set of the professionals, who sometimes realise the visions of the youngsters on the film-stories.

Hugo S. runs a few of his own businesses (a neighbourhood-café, coffee-shop, expired escort-club), has a bunch of illegal affairs running, but above all feels tired from all the hassles lately. Everyone is getting it lately, and his crew can’t do anything right anymore. Hugo would like to get a bit of recognition from the ‘upper-classes’, a little respect for his work.