Holland, from Texel to Tiengemeten

There is not a single bit of Holland that hasn't been created and changed by people. Whether it's the dike-builders, the monks from Egmond or the peasants in the polders, the landscape in Holland is constantly being worked on and developed.

Are these changes damageable or good for the landscape? For the series 'From Texel to Tiengemeten; journalist Kees Slager and director Theo Uittenbogaard have travelled for two months around Holland in the summer of 2013, looking for traces in the landscape. They try to read the land and draw the conclusion that North- and South- Holland are not mainly asphalted provinces. Hotel-owners, villagers, protectors of nature, farmers, local historians and archaeologists guarantee diversity and adventure.

Presentation: Kees Slager
Director: Theo Uittenbogaard
Producer: René Mendel