Good morning future: Old in the Delta

Together with Kees Hin, Interakt has produced a film that gives the viewer a look into the past, and into the future through modern-day times. This is a film about getting older in the province Zeeland.

We all strive to get old. Becoming old is a trick of its own. How will 'getting older and being elderly' develop in the upcoming years? How do we adjust? In short, how do we become old? Questions worthy of asking looking at the dynamic background of the current social developments regarding health, healthcare and safety. Zeeland, and more particularly 'Zeeuws Vlaanderen'(the most South-Western part of the Netherlands) has a big share of over-hundred citizens. How was their lives?

Première: 16 September at Film by the Sea during Care and Cure event from 18.00 o'clock onwards.

Screening: Sunday 22 September in Cine-city in Vlissingen at 11.oo o'clock.