A dance film by Mischa Kamp

Dancer Dimitra celebrates her thirtieth anniversary in Madrid. The trip was a gift from her boyfriend, with whom she has been together for thirteen years. He takes her to a pub that is known for its good flamenco music and dance. Dimitra is sitting at a table with her boyfriend and goes all the way into the show and the unknown male dancer, who shows both restrained passion as explosive emotions. Suddenly she has eye contact with him, it feels like a kind of soul gazing, a coup de foudre, and time stands still. Back in Belgium she tells her choreographer Isabelle Beernaert that she can not stop thinking of that man since that look in Madrid. She hás to dance with him. There is some contact through Facebook where also Isabelle is involved, but Dimitra hesitates to reply, knowing that when she will respond again, it will open a door that she cannot shut. Isabelle was that much inspired by this story that she makes a choreography.

Mischa Kamp invites the viewer to go along with Isabelle's thoughts on the inevitable imperfections and the beauty of the human being. Transparency and fragility, that still makes us focus in life.