Falling stars

Along with Barend Toet and Thijs Baeyens Interakt is currently developing a film about pop stars, their life and what drove them to their untimely death.

Almost everyone cherishes the music of a handful of pop stars, music with a high content of sentimental value, music we grew up with. And each time when such a star dies unexpectedly, excited fans get lamenting and grieving together to seek comfort with each other and with the loss of their beloved star. 

Eventhoug we personally do not know our stars at all and we only see and listen to them from a distance, they still are part of our personal lives - and they affect us directly with their music, their lyrics and their behavior. Just think of the public consternation after the sudden death of John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Ian Curtis, Kurt Cobain, Herman Brood, Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse. Their untimely death raises a number of questions about the relationship between star and success, between star and music industry, between star and the media, and between the star and the fans who make sure that the stars music comes to the top of the charts. Why do we look up at them that much? Why do we love them so much? What do they have in common? Why do they often die that young? Why are they that selfdestructive while they seem to have everything they ever wished for? Why does their death comes that unexpectedly?