Europe, how is this possible?

In cooperation with the Democratic Europe Association (Vereniging Democratisch Europa), the ministry of foreign affairs and Paul Kapteyn, Interakt has produced a threefold series about the importance of European integration and the development within the EU.

Farid Tabarki, presenter of MTV's Coolpolitics and director Frans Hoeben, talk to, amongst others, Jérôme Heldring, Wim Kok and Ruud Lubbers about the important and tricky themes within the European Union. With this project we try to make youngsters in the Netherlands aware of the EU, the boundaries of Europe and the position of the Netherlands regarding these boundaries. For the three episodes of 'Europe, how is this possible?' the European Union willed be viewed from Dutch perspective. Meanwhile within the Netherlands, Farid Tabarki will find people, places and elements that link us to Europe in which the theme 'boundaries' will be central. The target-group of the series is (high-school) students between the age of 17 and 25. We would like to remind them of the importance of the European integration and developments within the EU.