Eli Asser

A portrait film about the versatile Jewish writer Eli Asser.

Friends and family describe him as a difficult person, but also as an unusually witty and sharp man. Actor Piet Römer: “I have shared many laughs with him, but he should really come with a user manual.”

Writer Eli Asser had a minor comeback at the age of 84, when the KRO had lost the original material of his creation ‘‘t Schaep met de vijf pooten’ (the sheep with five paws) and decided to do a remake of the series popular original. In cooperation with the KRO.

Director: Hans Polak
Camera: Meral Uslu, Daniël Bouquet
Sound: Menno Euwe 
Editor: Paul de Heer
Production: Lies Janssen, Anne van der Pol
Producer: René Mendel