Don't stop me now

A documentary by Pascale Korteweg & Marlyn van Erp

The sooner you can stop working, the better. Documentary filmmakers Pascale Korteweg and Marlyn van Erp dream of retiring as soon as possible.

With the economic crisis behind and a scanty pension ahead, they start observing their 75 year old fathers who both do not even think of retiring and continue their work. When even more passionate 70-somethings pop-up, who prefer work above a golf course or a camper holiday, they realise  that retirement may not be everyone's perfect future.Don’t stop me now gives an unexpected and encouraging view on work, happy aging and the future where work and freedom come together.

The documentary is part of the transmedial project Don't stop me now. In the online documentary ( you can page through nine interactive portraits and four thematic stories as you slowly realise that retirement may not be everyone's perfect future.