Different Times: Transgender pioniers

Together with Alex Bakker and Erik Willems, Interakt has produced an episode for the series ‘Different Times’ about transsexuals.

Born in the wrong body, until the seventies the ideas of transsexuals were incomprehensible and unknown. Doctors who would try to help were accused of mutilating healthy bodies. Their patients would be mentally ill and thus should be helped by psychiatrists, not by hormone-doctors and surgeons. In many cities, it was forbidden by police regulations to publicly wear clothes designed for the opposite gender. Bullying and humiliation was part of a daily routine for transgender individuals. Around the mid-seventies everything changed rapidly. The VU hospital in Amsterdam opened the first transgender clinic in the world, with its own professor in transsexuology. The pioneers of the time tell their sometimes shocking stories.

Broadcasted: 8 December 2013 NTR Andere Tijden. Replay the episode: uitzendinggemist.nl