Dario Fo: Growers in Art

Interakt has produced together with Paul Kramer a documentary about opera company Dario Fo.

In the perfectly straight landscape of the Westland, under the smog of The Hague, there are kilometers of greenhouses. This so called Westland, wonderfully also serves as a good source of community-art. From the village Poeldrijk, Dario Fo initiates and produces controversial opera’s and musictheaterproductions for years. They call themselves ‘entrepreneurs in art’. Volunteers sew the clothes, greenhouse builder make decors, an endless amount of family members sing, dance or star as extra’s in the shows. Dario Fo is always looking for ways to renew, to create ‘new products’ and to strenghten social cohesion in minucipalities and districts. The documentary focusses on this particular quest of Dario Fo: Growers in Art.

The film premiered in the Westlandtheater ‘De Naald’ on 18 March 2014. The film received appreciation with a standing ovation from the audience. Broadcast Sunday 22 June 2014: Omroep West at 18.00. It will show six times with the last viewing at 23.00.