Composing in the Netherlands

Together with the NTR and Buma Culture, Interakt has produced a short series of documentaries about modern Dutch composers.

The composer will be filmed in the place where he or she produces the work in process. They will be filmed on the moment in which they are most ‘vulnerable’, but also the most honest and real. The composer exposes oneself and the filmmaker adds one’s own vision to this. In this way, a true and pure image will be formed of the composer. Watching the composer walk and sit, writing notes, hearing them speak and play, and by taking a look into their working areas, adds an interesting aspect to the produced work. Imagine if we could now still see images of Bach as he is composing his works!

NTR Podium broadcasted: Mayke Nas, Calliope Tsoupaki en Yannis Kyriakides.

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